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hello! Did you see that ^ DENVER COLORADO! Yep, my family is moving! My husband took a new job in South Denver about 2 months ago. We have decided to move to Castle Rock, Colorado. It may not seem like a big move, but for me it is huge! We moved from Wyoming 4 1/2 year ago. All 3 of our sons were born here and  2 of them were brought home to this house. Our first house. This house we made a home. Leaving this house is so bitter sweet. I love this house there are so many memories here. But, it is time to make new memories somewhere else. In a bigger house! This house was bought for a family of 3 and now we are a family of 5! To say we are a bit crowded is an understatement!

So, the Uhaul is rented and we are dividing our home into boxes.

What does this mean?!? I will still be taking my Colorado Springs clients {how could I not?!? I love you all too much!}, but I will hopefully be taking on more Denver area clients as well.

I am excited about this new adventure and what new opportunities await me and our family.

lots of ♥


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