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Welcome to Shebli Nikkole Photography’s first #weddingwednesday! I will be featuring, Shebli Nikkole Weddings, Tips, DIY wedding ideas, vendors and more! This week, I have a very special guest blogger, Liz Cohen owner of  White Daisy Events.
My name is Liz Cohen and I am the owner of White Daisy Events. I have been apart of the events industry since 2011. White Daisy Events is unique because we specialize in the fashion and design aspects of your big event, as well as event planning. To learn more about White Daisy Events please visit www.whitedaisyevents.com.denver area wedding photographer
You wake up; it is the day you have been waiting for your entire life, or, at least, the last 12 months. You have your outfit for getting ready all laid out. Your wedding gown is hanging in the window, pressed and ready to be worn. There is a knock on your hotel door. You answer it. With bursts of happy screams it is your bridesmaids so excited, greeting you with big smiles and hugs. Shortly after room service arrives. A light breakfast plus champagne for you and your girls to enjoy as you start your day. Next your hair and make-up team arrive. The day goes on and it is flawless. All your vendors are showing up on time, and everything is going off without a hitch. I know pronounce you husband and wife. Fast forward — you are walking into your reception. It is beautiful. Bigger and better than any Pinterest board could create. Dancing, yummy food, decadent desserts. All your guests are having a ball. There is a sort of whimsical magic in the air. Everything is perfect. You just experienced the most amazing time of your life and it was YOUR wedding!

This is an experience that many brides believe only exists in fairytales. You know, the ones that Disney creates. Let me tell you a little secret… this can really happen (gasp!).
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I am going to give you 7 key reasons why you should definitely hire a professional wedding planner.

  1. We sweat the small stuff. Planning an event of this magnitude is a lot of work, and feels very overwhelming if you have never done it before. Professional planners have done this before – a lot! A great event planner will even have lists upon lists of everything that needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. This means absolutely nothing will be missed and you, the client, don’t have a thing to worry about.
  2. We know the ins and outs of the local market. There are so many different types of vendors and within each category of vendors is even more choices to choose from. It is our job to know who is the best of the best. So you can trust that every vendor involved in your big dayis going to deliver the highest quality your budget can afford. We also have the ability to get special discounts from local vendors that you would not be able to receive on your own. This is simply done because of the relationships we have built with them over time.
  3. Hiring a professional planner saves you time. Most people do not have 12 months to devote all their time and energy to planning an event, especially one consisting on average of 100 guests and 15 vendors. Professional planners do this for a living. At White Daisy Events we only take on six full-service weddings per year. By doing this we can spend more time focusing on your big event and all the details it entails.
  4. Troubleshooting. If there is ever a problem with a vendor you will more than likely not hear about it, and if you do… it will be after the problem was already resolved. Most brides and grooms that hire a professional planner never hear about the issues that arise simply because they did hire a planner. Imagine we are your little bodyguards making sure that whatever goes wrong if doesn’t hurt your big day.
  5. Part of hiring an event planner is you have to hand over some control. Some brides are hesitant to do this because they fear their big day will come and not be what they dreamt about. The truth is, relinquishing some control gives your event planner the ability to go above and beyond your biggest dreams. No big decisions will ever be made without your approval. As for taking care of those big decisions and making them come to life is the job of a professional planner.
  6. Many brides decide not to hire an event planner because it is an additional cost to an already tight budget. In reality, an event planner will look at your budget and help you find ways to save money for a better quality event. Since we do have the relationships with local vendors and know the ins and outs of the industry we know what is a good quality buy and what is simply unnecessary.
  7. The memory of your big day can be cherished forever. There are four golden parts to any wedding. Number one, the venue. Number two, the dress. Number three, the flowers, and most importantly.. number four, the photography. To gain great quality photos you have to have the first three. Those first three things give life to the feel and tone of the entire event. With the right photographer, not a detail will be missed. Hiring a professional planner helps your photographer capture those memories forever.colorado mountain wedding photographer, denver wedding photographer, diy wedding signs, diy bouts

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