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Yesterday was #weddingwednesday and I didn’t get a chance to post the blog! So we are going to have #weddingwednesday on a Thursday! Enjoy!

It is #WeddingWednesday! Today, I want to talk about something that I getrocky mountain wedding photographer, aspen wedding photographer, mountain sparkler exit, wedding sparklers asked about a lot. Timelines and Wedding Day Coverage.

How much coverage do I really need?

This really depends on what you things you want photographed on your wedding day. Do you want everything from getting ready until you exit your reception with an alleyway of sparklers? Then you will need 12 hours of coverage. Don’t have a big exit planned, but still want getting ready covered? Then 10 hours would probably suit you best. Do you want the final touches of getting ready  all the way through all of the reception events? 8 hours of coverage might be the way to go.

How do I plan out my Wedding Day Events?

Creating a timeline can be intimidating and sometimes a daunting task. If you have a wedding planner, which I highly recommend, they will an amazing help. Creating a Wedding Day Timeline is so important. Not only does it help things run smoothly without added stress, but it also gives us, as photographers, a way to capture your day beautifully without missing important events or details. I always send my wedding couples a questionnaire to fill out so that I have an idea of what their wedding day will look like and then I set up either a Skype/Facetime call or an in-person meeting to discuss last minute details and help come up with a photography timeline together. Things to consider when creating a timeline:

Bride + Groom Getting Ready: 30 minutes – 1.5 hours (additional time will be spent capturing those amazing details)

Bride + Bridesmaids: 15 minutes – 30 minutes

Groom + Groomsmen: 15 minutes – 30 minutes

First Look or Blind First Look: 15 minutes

Bride + Groom: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Full Bridal Party: 15 minutes – 30 minutes (if you have a very large bridal party, you might need more time)

Ceremony: 15 minutes – 1.5 hours

Family/Guest Formals: 15 minutes – 1 hour (this really depends on the size of your family and who you want to include in your formal photos)

Cocktail hour: 1 hour ( this can usually be photographed while some formal photos are being taken)

Reception: 2+ hours

Formal Exit: 5-15minutes

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I know that there is so much to consider. Try not to get overwhelmed! Do you have more questions on creating a wedding day timeline? Leave them below or email me and I would happy to answer your questions!



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    Ohmygoodness these are gorgeous!


    May 19th, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Great info! I think this is the question that brides struggle with most. Nobody wants to pay extra for coverage they won’t use but you certainly don’t want to miss anything! Beautiful photos as well!


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    This is a great idea! Love all the tips for a wedding day for the clients! Beautiful work!


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    Such great information to help a bride planning her wedding! Not to mention that extremely gorgeous black and white photo. <3


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    Such important info to share with your clients! Great post.


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    This is great!! It’s on my list of Blog posts as well! ;)) Awesome that you are offering great info for your clients!


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    This is a great post! It will be so helpful for your clients moving forward!

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