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Happy Monday, friends! I have been seriously lacking in the blog department, especially when it comes to family sessions. But, just a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time with a family that is super close to my heart and they have been for 10 years! 

This family welcomed their 3rd child into the world recently and they asked me to come and take some new photos of their family of five. This session totally lit my heart on fire and I am so excited to share their session. 

Meet the beautiful Maggie Joy. 

Big brother, Samuel, loves to cuddle and love on his new baby sister. 

Newly promoted big sister, Ally, loves being a big sister. 

I have watched Stacy and Ryan become first-time parents and then welcome a second child and then a third. Their love always blows me away. 

I love learning new things. Recently, I started dabbling a little bit in video. Here is a little peek. I can’t wait to offer this more!

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