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Hi friends! Starting in January submissions opened up for the 2018 Shoot and Share contest. I always look forward to the contest and this year was my 3rd year participating. The first year, I entered 5 photos out of the max of 50. I can’t tell you how scary that was. No one likes being judged, even if it was anonymously.  In 2016, I had one image place in the top 10% of photos. That was a win for me. Last year, I decided to go “all in.” I had 17 images place in the top 30% or better in their categories. This year, I did go all in, but accidentally put a photo in the wrong category and it got disqualified. (oops!) So, I entered 49 images and had 25 images place in the top 30% or better. What does this all mean?!? Did I actually win anything?!?

There were 412,379 photos were entered into the 2018 Shoot and Share Contest from all over the world. Millions of votes were cast and there were so many beautiful photos. I spent entirely too much time voting because it was inspiring and fun. In the end, I didn’t win anything. But, I had some images that did pretty damn well and I am proud of myself. It is a scary thing to put yourself out there. Am I right?!? Anyway, all of you beautiful people that have supported me through the years, I just wanted to say thank you because my success is because of you! 

Here is a break down of how this contest works. 

Here is how I did! 

This image right here shaped my 2017 year and it means more to me than anything that it placed 91st in the “Passion Portraits” category.  My very own NICU baby, Hayes. 

Thank you, again, to all of the support you amazing people have given me over the years. It is because of you that I have grown and become a better photographer! 



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