Including your Dog in your Colorado Wedding

Including your dog in your Colorado wedding day might be something you’ve considered, but quickly wrote it off as something that might be too difficult to accomplish. Or maybe you didn’t know how and when to include your furry best friend.

I want to put your mind at ease. Here are 5 tips on how to include your dog and keep it as stress-free as possible.

Venue Selection

When choosing a venue, be sure to ask if they allow dogs on the property. They may only allow them outside and only for a short amount of time, while others will gladly let dogs throughout the venue. I found this list of Dog-Friendly wedding venues. But, be sure to check with your venue, too!

Transportation & Handling

Think of how your dog will get to the venue and how long they will stay. A dog walker or dog sitter is usually the perfect person for this job. You want someone that you and your dog trust and also someone who isn’t involved in the rest of the festivities. (ie you don’t want someone who will start drinking and forget they are responsible for your furry best friend).


One of my favorite ways to include your dog is to have them participate in the couple’s portraits. It doesn’t need to even be for the whole time. Have your dog sitter arrive at the venue 15 minutes before photos are supposed to begin and keep the pup away from the crowds. No matter how well behaved your dog is you just never know what will happen with a lot of new people in new surroundings. Sometimes a few photos with your furry best friend in your wedding attire is all you need. But, you may want to have your pup more involved.

Ceremony Involvement

Include your dog in your wedding ceremony. If you decide you want to involve your dog in more than a few photos, you can include them in the ceremony as a ring bearer or simply walk them down the aisle to be with you as you marry your partner. Choosing this option can be a little more intensive. I encourage you to still have someone that isn’t involved in the wedding there to take care of your dog. Practice and train your pup in whatever capacity you want them to participate in. Make sure they are comfortable with new people and won’t be distracted by all the things going on. If your pup isn’t ready for the responsibility of being in the actual wedding ceremony consider incorporating him in a different way.

Planning Ahead

If you want your dog to play a more involved role on your wedding day, it’s important to let your guests and the wedding party know. They may need to plan ahead for allergies and/or a fear of dogs.

Pampered Pups

No matter what way you plan to include your pup in your day, make sure they are pampered beforehand. Take your pup in for a really great sPAW day. Make sure they are washed, brushed out, and nails clipped.

Want to involve your pup in your wedding but maybe not actually be at the wedding? Here are a few ways to include him:

  • engagement photos (see my favorites here and here)
  • cake topper with a dog (Etsy has some beautiful options)
  • dog themed decor/accessories
  • book a day after session with your photographer for the 3 of you

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